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Welcome to HOTT

We are no longer invisible!  

Helping Others Thrive Together is a 501(c)3 Public Charity that shines a positive light on the Tucson Women’s Community by providing goods, services, and charitable donations to other non-profits. Our mission is two-fold:


  1. To funnel resources to recognized charities that care for people, animals, and places in need

  2.   To change the negative perceptions of the LGBTQ Community to positive ones


The women of our gay community have been gathering once a month for a breakfast meeting  to share their stories and gain strength.  Traditionally, lesbians have been invisible both in our history and culture.  The truth is, we have always been here but our voices haven't been heard.  When the economy started tanking in 2009, the women at our breakfast started collecting money for needy organizations and individuals.  After a few years, we realized it was time for us to become a non-profit organization.  We were no longer incubating an idea by doing good works; we became a neophyte, filed the paper work, and received our Federal recognition October, 2011!  


Why donate through us?

You can earmark your donation to go to your non-profit of choice. 

- You are not inundated with constant requests to give again. 

- Your donation is 100% tax deductable. 

- You provide a bridge between misinformation and understanding. 

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We exist because of you! 

We would love to have your feedback! 

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